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About Me

So, my name is April and I may have a small addiction to books. Note that I use "small" loosely. Reading is very comparable to breathing for me. I prefer having a hard-copy book over an electronic book. For me, nothing compares to the way it feels to hold an actual book. Sadly, though, my addiction gets slightly less attention when school starts up again, seeing as I'm in high school... *sigh*

Most of what I read is YA in all of it's magical wonder. Paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and all other sorts of fictiony goodness. I do, however, live outside of my books (I do?) during which time I go to school, spend time with my family, do outdoorsy things (i.e. camping, hiking, etc.), and spend excessive time on my computer.

What else did I want to say...? Oh yea, THANK YOU if you are reading my blog! I did try to blog like thing once before with the whole book reviews and whatnot, but there are so many other amazing bloggers out there that I just didn't stand a chance. I am, however, willing to try again because I really do love this. So, thank you if you spent time reading my blabber.

About From Book to Hooked

From Book to Hooked (occasionally refered to as FBH) focuses primarily on the reviewing of books. There are, however, various weekly features that provide a steady flow of content. Most books reviewed at this time are YA, so the content of this blog is appropriate to most ages.

FTC Disclaimer

All reviews on this website are unbiased and I am in no way compensated for my reviews by any agency, author, or publisher. My fair and impartial opinion will be given on all reviews. Most reviews are based on books purchased by me after the publication date.

For information on how I review please visit Review/ Rating System.

For contact information please visit Contact.

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