Monday, August 29, 2011

Just a Note

Today school started up again. This unfortunately means that I might be a little inconsistent with my posting. I will try to stick to my schedule, and I will always be reading, but posts may come at a slightly slower rate. Sorry, but my school work has to be my main priority right now.

In related news, I am still in the process of deciding what features I would like to have here on the blog. If you have been following, or you just happen to stop by often, then you know I have daily memes (one from Monday-Friday) along with a review every other day or so. Since I don't want to write a bunch of stuff no one wants to read, I decided that I would ask you if there's anything you would like.

If you have anything specific you'd like me to do, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or shoot me an email (see Contact), so I can see if your ideas would be possible for me. I'd love to do a giveaway at some point, but at this time, my wallet does not extend to giveaway books. Author interviews and blog tours are also something I'm looking to in the future, but right now I don't have any plans for either. Partly because I have zero courage when it comes to asking an author for an interview.

One of the things I've been considering is a discussion post. That would probably be a monthly thing in which I would have a topic (most likely book related) and I would just give my thoughts on it, ask for your thoughts, that kind of thing. I think that would be fun, but what really matters is what you think.

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions and/ or if you'd enjoy a discussion post. Also let me know if you like what's been going on here. I'm going to go now before this post gets any longer. Everybody stay safe, and thank you for reading!

- April

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